Mysterious creature surfaces in video of London’s Thames River

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LONDON — Perhaps the Loch Ness Monster has just moved a bit further south? That’s the question some are asking after a video surfaced showing a mysterious creature swimming in London’s Thames River.

The footage was shot by a passenger on an Emirates Air Line cable car which passes over the river giving skyline views of the city, and shows an unidentified creature appearing to swim and come up to the surface.

UK publication the Mirror said a large shadow can still be seen at the bottom of the capital’s river, in Greenwich, South East London.

The clip first emerged on April Fool’s Day, prompting some viewers to believe the footage was a hoax. However, others have speculated that it may have been a sperm whale. There have been reported sightings of whales before, notably in 2006 when a Northern bottlenose whale died after it swam into the river suffering dehydration, muscle damage and kidney failure, according to the London Zoological Society.

Or maybe Nessie was just taking a day trip to the big city?


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