Second 911 call placed hours after initial call leads KC police to homicide victim

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KANSAS CITY, Mo.  -- A woman says she called 911 about a shooting on her block hours before police discovered the city's latest homicide victim.

The body of a young woman may have laid in the backyard of a vacant home near 26th and Denver for 17 hours.

A second call for an ambulance after 6 p.m., Tuesday resulted in police finding the victim, Kimberly (Kimber) Miles, 27, in the backyard of a home neighbors say has been vacant for about three months.

Seventeen hours earlier, about 1 a.m., Kris Meyer says she called 911 after hearing two gunshots on the same block. Meyer says her friend rushed outside with a flashlight and saw three young men in hoodies running away from the home where the woman's body eventually was found.

"It was dark like I said, we couldn't see their faces because the hoods were covering their face," Meyer said. "They all had hooded sweatshirts on. But my friend got a look at one of them and said they all appeared to be, look like they were in their mid 20s."

Meyer says officers that responded early in the morning searched the area on foot but did not find the suspects or the shooting victim. It took a second call hours later for detectives to begin piecing together what happened. Many of the neighbors did not want to appear on camera. Some heard the gunshots, but say it's not unusual to hear gunshots on a near daily basis.

Others say a large number of vacant and abandoned buildings on this block make it a breeding ground for crime and pose challenges for police to search for evidence of a crime.

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