Suspicious duo in ice cream truck face charge of operating a business without a license

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two people are criminally charged after families in a Northland neighborhood reported a suspicious ice cream truck driving down their streets.

The duo got slapped with city charges for operating a business without a license after they caused some alarm among those Northland neighbors in the area of Northeast 103rd Street.

After FOX 4’s first story aired, police were tracked down the people inside the truck and took them to jail. Kansas City police arrested Steven Buckle and Lana Moore, calling them "possible burglary suspects."

But they were later released and now just face municipal charges for operating a business without a license, unlawful riding and seat belt violations.

One man told FOX 4 a woman riding in the ice cream truck walked right into his home and took a look around, while one mom said the same woman offered her 4-year-old daughter free ice cream before trying to grab her little girl.

Both families called the cops, and that mom is now glad she trusted her instincts.

“I knew something wasn`t right with them. And I guess that`s one of those situations where you feel, well I don`t want to be judgmental, but at the same time, your intuition, your gut, if somebody`s maybe not acting right, they might not be right,” said Rebecca Gleason.

"I think that hopefully this particular situation has been taken care of. Moving forward, I think it`s a good reason for all of us to be on alert, maybe not high-alert, but they might not be the only ice cream truck out there and still, you think it doesn`t happen up here, or around, but it does and it can."

Court records show both Moore and Buckle have been in trouble with the law before. Their ice cream truck was towed Tuesday. It's not known if they got it back, and if they will continue to drive it around.

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