Motorcyclists ride together in remembrance of Park University student who died

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Friends and fellow riders revved their engines Saturday, in memory of a young man who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Westport last week.

Police say a woman driving a Dodge Caliber was turning left onto Broadway from Lawrence when she slammed into a man driving a Honda 600CBR. 24-year-old Bader Al Qufaidy died there at the intersection.

Saturday, FOX 4 spoke exclusively with a group of young men who say “Bader” was a brother to them. The 3rd-year Park University student was studying Computer Science and had planned to move home to his family in Saudi Arabia after graduation.

Friend Larron Burnett said with a chuckle, “He didn’t like math that much. He was super chill, always smiling. You couldn’t get enough of the guy.” The friends ride together as part of Team Counterstreet and they said Saturday’s ride was about remembering Bader, but also about awareness.

CJ Wilson had known Bader for several months. As he grieves, he wants drivers to learn from Bader’s death. “We’re coming out of winter. This is the start of spring. This is the sport bike season. This is the hot time of the year for bikes to come back out, and I feel like people need to realize that bikes are going to be on the road.”

More than 20 riders took their sports bikes through Westport Saturday afternoon as farewell to their friend. Burnett continued, “We honestly believe the guy was an angel. He came to us. He was the glue to our team. He brought us a lot closer to each other. It sucks that we took this loss but we’re going to do it for him at this point now because that’s what he would want. He would do the same for us.”

Wilson added, “We could talk all day about Bader. Bader was just a guy that was always ready to ride. We loved him. We still do.”
His friends said they felt Bader was there with them on Saturday’s awareness ride. “I think if he was here and able to see how many people we’ve got here for him, that would make it happy. He’s definitely smiling down on us. Definitely.”

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