Cardio in the carpool line will help you pass time and get fit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From school to extra curricular activities to the upcoming summer camps, many parents will spend a lot of time in carpool lines. Fitness instructor and wellness coach Jenn Marasco visited FOX 4 to share some no-excuse exercises that you can try while you wait.

Core Crunches - Sit tall, relax shoulder and engage core muscles

Oblique Twists- grab weighted object and twist to R then L

Quad Lifts- 10 lifts with flexed foot, 10 lifts with relaxed foot

Inner Thigh Lifts- turn leg into C position and tap toe onto bottom of steering wheel

Shoulder pulls (Band needed)- relax shoulders and pull band to side

Tricep Extensions (Band needed) -extend back up into corner from steering wheel

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