KC mom wants teens who surrounded, robbed her daughter caught, parents to be more vigilant

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro mom is on edge, after her teenage daughter got roughed up and robbed by a teenage boy outside a Northland roller skating rink.

The teen-on-teen violence happened in the Target parking lot off NE Chouteau Trafficway, about 100 yards from Winnwood Skate Center, where a fight broke out inside just minutes earlier.

This roller skating rink has been in the community for decades, and on any given Friday or Saturday night, it welcomes nearly 450 kids.

But this past Friday night, the fun at the skating rink came to a halt when a fight broke out among three teenage boys.

“Teens will be teens and we have a lot of verbal back and forth,” said rink owner, Tom Frisby. “Very seldom do we have physical altercations.”

But this time, two off-duty cops who regularly work peak hours at the rink had to step in to stop the fight, and Frisby made the safety call to close 10 minutes early.

“Our officers were occupied with the people who were fighting,” Frisby said. “So we didn’t have anyone else to watch the rest of the crowd. So it was in our best interest and the safety of the kids to go ahead and shut it down early.”

As kids poured into the parking lot, two girls who were just 13 and 14 years old, left the rink and decided to wait for one of their moms to pick them up in a nearby Target parking lot.

That's when they say a group of six or seven teenage girls and one teenage boy surrounded and robbed them.

“She was a little shaken up,” said Ashley Davis-Weir, whose 14-year-old daughter was one of the victims. “The boy that was in the group had her by the neck up against the wall and said if she didn’t give her phone or her money, that he was going to kill her.”

Davis-Weir's 8th grade daughter gave up what she had, and soon other police officers arrived – but the group of teens were long gone.

“The way my daughter described it,” she said, “things escalated so quickly and there were so many teenagers that were involved, it didn’t really matter if there was 15 cops there. They weren’t going to be able to control everybody at once.”

Davis-Weir does not blame the roller skating rink for what happened, but she does hope the kids responsible get caught and their parents start paying attention.

“I just don`t understand how a parent could be that absent or that unknowing,” she said, “especially if they`re coming home with new things, to not realize that something is going on with their kid.”

The girls said they didn't know the group of teens who robbed them. However, they described them to be about 14-15 years old, who took off in a purple or dark blue van and it looked like an adult was driving.

As for the rink, Frisby said he makes safety a priority and believes his off-duty officers make a big difference in keeping kids safe; however, he said there’s only so much they can do to protect kids when they wander off his property.

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