Car dealer touched by buyer’s problem at another dealership steps in to help

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Shelby Nielsen thought she was just running an errand with her dad when he made an unscheduled stop at Victory Automotive in KCK that had a surprise waiting.

Victory Automotive owner Eric Gentry learned about Shelby from a FOX 4 Problem Solver report detailing how a car she recently purchased from Kidds Automotive in Olathe was taken away from her after the car lot's owners discovered the employee who sold the car to Shelby never turned over the $4,000 she paid him.

Gentry thought it was wrong that Shelby was left empty-handed and contacted FOX 4 wanting to solve the problem.

As Shelby's family watched, Gentry handed Shelby a set of keys to a Buick Century.

"So on behalf of the entire team at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Victory Ford we would like to give you this car," Gentry said.

A huge smile crossed Shelby's face as she asked Gentry in near disbelief "Really? Thank you. That's so nice."

Equally grateful was Shelby's dad Jeff Nielsen, who had been driving his daughter back and forth to work ever since her car was taken away.

"To me it's amazing that someone who had no involvement in this whatsoever can do something this nice for somebody," he said.

Gentry said he hopes one day Shelby can repay the favor by helping someone else.

"I'm going to guess she has the heart for that," he said.