Family of 2-year-old killed say killer’s sentence isn’t long enough

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man convicted of killing a two-year-old boy accepted  a plea agreement Tuesday, angering some of the victim’s relatives.

It was an emotional day of testimony from the love ones of little Lorenzo Estrada, who was killed in Jan. of 2015 inside his home, under the care of his mother’s boyfriend.

One-by-one relatives of Estrada told the judge how his murder broke their hearts and changed their lives forever.

Mirsad Hamidovic, convicted of second-degree murder, received 23 years behind bars. But it’s a sentence some of the victim’s relative say isn’t long enough.

According to court documents, Hamidovic told investigators he jumped on the child’s chest, saying he was just playing with the toddler. The child’s great-grandmother told the court people who do mean things to children have to live with it forever, and she hopes it eats his heart away.

“No child, especially a baby, should go through what we went through. He didn’t have a chance to help himself, to protect himself,” said Sylvia Oroczo, the toddler’s great-grandmother.

Oroczo said the family will never see Lorenzo play T-ball or have his first communion.

Hamidovic also addressed the court saying he never meant to hurt the child and he hopes one day the family will forgive him.