Pregnant woman says Subway employee belittled her request and refused to help

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ADEL, Iowa - A pregnant woman in Iowa wants Subway to apologize, after a worker denied her request to heat her sandwich, WHO-TV reports.

Kassidy Small is nearly eight-months pregnant, and she told WHO-TV doctors recommend that pregnant women not eat deli meat unless it's thoroughly heated.

Small told WHO-TV that on a recent trip to Subway she asked the employee to microwave the ham for her sandwich and then toast it so the meat would be at the proper temperature.  Small says the male employee not just refused her request, but he belittled her in the process.

“He just said he was really busy and that this is fast food not fine dining,” Small told WHO-TV.

WHO-TV reports that the employee pulled out a thermometer to prove the meat was hot enough but the reading was only at 140 degrees. According to the CDC, pregnant women must heat deli meat to 165 degrees to prevent the risk of bacteria, which could be harmful to the baby, WHO-TV reports.

After the incident happened, Small and another customer left and went to a neighboring Casey’s General Store, where the store picked up Small's tab after hearing her story.

WHO-TV reports that they reached out to the Subway restaurant for comment. The store's manager said the event has sparked a store-wide retaining process.