Tighten and tone your glutes by summer with these exercises

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Summer is approaching quickly and for many the season will mean a much more active lifestyle. Certified Personal Trainer Terri Allen visited FOX 4 to share how you can get your booty in shape for the summer. Allen says squats work every muscle in your body but are particularly great for toned legs and a great butt.  The following squats will hit all angles of the glutes and get you ready for the summer.

Do 3 sets 10-12 reps:

Sumo Squats - basic squat with toes out

Jump Squats - basic squat jump up return to squat on landing

In & Out Squats - narrow squat to basic squat

Side Out - basic squat step out another squat step in another squat

Glute kickback- basic squat kick leg back return to squat

Curtsey kickback Squat - Kick right leg back lower into a squat step right foot back and to the left an inch lower return to starting position.