Investigation into religiously owned day cares reveals disturbing information

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An investigation into religiously owned day cares in Missouri has unveiled some disturbing information that every parent of a young child needs to know.

When you drop your kids off at day care, you trust the workers there will take good care of them.

Missouri is one of six states that does not restrict or provide oversight to church-based preschools and day cares. Child care workers don't need special child safety training, there are no required staff-to-child ratios, and that has led to many kids getting hurt - and even dying.

The Center for Investigative Reporting discovered more than 2,000 incidents of neglect at church preschools in states with no restrictions, and they say 20-percent of them involved day care workers losing track of a child.

The Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, issued a statement on this report, urging parents in Missouri to think twice before putting their kids into a religiously owned day care.

They also want Missouri lawmakers to toughen day care laws, for the courts to punish day care workers who hurt a child, and for churches that run day cares to voluntarily abide by state regulations.

By the way, church-run day cares in Kansas are not exempt and do follow the same state regulations as all other child care centers.

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