Drew Butera tries to ‘Salvy Splash’ Salvy but fails

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Following the Royals’ 8 to 6 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday, Royals’ catcher Drew Butera decided to carry on the tradition on the ‘Salvy Splash.’

Normally it’s Royals’ catcher Salvador Perez dumping the Gatorade on his fellow teammates, but it was Salvy’s turn Tuesday to get doused.

Butera wasn’t quick enough though and just missed Salvy who jumped out of the way during an interview.

Perez hit a three-run homer and had a career-high five RBIs during the game.

“I didn’t know [it was a career high] until after the game,” Perez told MLB.com. “It felt really good.”

Butera tweeted out that he is 0-1 on the Salvy Splash following the game.