Salvy’s Snapchat story shows baby in ultrasound pics

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Salvador made a big splash off the field on Wednesday with a few heartwarming images on Snapchat.

Royals fans were celebrating when a user posted photos on The Official Facebook Kansas City Royals Fan Club of the 25-year-old catcher revealing that he and his partner are expecting a baby boy.

The short clips from his Snapchat account, salvyp13, show Perez in front of an ultrasound monitor and the little one on the screen, and of course, a few beaming heart-eyed emojis.

A few screenshots from Salvy’s snapchat story show the happy couple.





The final image includes the word “Nino!!!” (or “niño”) which is Spanish for “boy.”

Neither Perez nor the Royals have released an official statement yet, but there’s one thing that’s clear: Salvy and his lovely partner are all smiles.