Alternate juror says acquittal in Summer Shipp murder trial was wrong outcome

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The not guilty verdict in a Jackson County murder trial is still haunting one man who was an alternate juror. Jeffrey Sauerbry was accused of killing Summer Shipp in 2004. Now, that alternate juror is speaking out.

“It aches me that as a juror, as part of the jury team, we did not come out with the right conclusion,” said Glenn Crawford.

Crawford reported for jury duty to serve on the murder trial. He found out he was an alternate, but stayed because he wanted justice for Shipp’s gruesome death. Sauerbry was accused of dismembering and dumping her body over a bridge.

“I still have memories of seeing the bones, touching the bones, and looking at her skull. It was very horrific. It was a very horrific murder, and it was somebody who was a total stranger to him,” he said.

Although the jury found Sauerbry not guilty, he does not walk away a free man. Details of his criminal past were kept from this trial because his history is not considered evidence. Sauerbry is currently serving a life sentence for the 1998 murder of an used car lot security guard.

“If his background had opened up in the court process, I know for a fact that would’ve sealed the deal for everybody else. I’m positive he would’ve gotten a conviction because of that,” Crawford said.

FOX 4 spoke to Shipp’s daughter, Brandy Shipp, who said despite the verdict, in her heart Sauerbry is guilty.

The jury came up with the verdict after 90 minutes. Jackson County prosecutors say there just wasn't enough physical evidence to convict Sauerbry of Shipp’s murder, but he remains in prison for the other murder he was convicted of.