Music students from across US take the stage as KCK Community College hosts KC Jazz Summit

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Kansas City Jazz Summit is bringing vocal groups from across the nation to the metro. Students from coast to coast are here to perform and to learn from the experts.

The hallways in Kansas City, Kansas Community College are filled with music. The sixth annual Kansas City Jazz Summit took the stage on Tuesday morning, offering vocal groups one-on-one instruction from college-level music educators.

For groups like the North Winds from Olathe North High School, instruction like this reads like a rhapsody.

College professors from large schools of music are working up close with each participating group.

Olathe North senior Mason Stahl already has his sights set on studying music in college, and this is an opportunity to grow.

"At first it was honestly a little intimidating because these college professors are saying 'yeah, you should probably do this,'" Stahl said.

Dr. Garrett Epp has been leading the North Wind singers for 23 years.

"I'm very pleased with what they've done. I love the suggestions that the clinicians gave us, some ways that we can even fine tune it," Epp said.

Dr. Jim Mair sees music's future on the stage. He's a tenured choral professor at KCK Community College, and knows these singers have dreams.

"Everybody's cheering for each other. Everybody's trying to bring out the best in each other, so it's very positive,"Mair said.

Mair said KCK Community College leaders are aware of that musical ambition, and said the school uses this event as a recruiting tool, hopefully pulling more music students through their stage doors.