Auction for convicted felon’s exotic auto collection revs buyers’ interest

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some criminals have better taste than others. Such is the case for one convicted felon from the metro -- whose exotic car collection is getting a lot of attention.

U.S. Marshals call Thomas Hauk’s collection a treasure trove of high-end automobiles. Twenty exotic luxury-style cars are going up for auction on Thursday, having been seized in the high-profile embezzlement case against the Overland Park accountant.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Michael Stokes took FOX 4 cameras on a tour, pointing out ultra-expensive cars confiscated by government agents.

“It's common where we see in these fraud schemes where individuals who are making a lot more money than what they normally would,” said Deputy Stokes.

Federal agents raided Hauk's home on July25, 2015. The 42-year-old accountant would later plead guilty to embezzling more than $4 million from his employer and the company's clients. Stokes said federal investigators say Hauk spent $1.6 million on cars and motorcycles.

“They find unique ways to spend that money. Some individuals like to gamble. A lot of the money goes that way, or in this case, it's kind of different,” said Stokes.

Thursday's auction, and Wednesday's preview, garnered a lot of interest. Sarah Talbott is an auto wholesaler from the metro who said it's rare to see this many expensive rides in one auction.

“It's because of the uniqueness. It's not a car you see driving down the street every day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, really,” said Talbott.

Deputy Stokes tells FOX 4 News once these cars are auctioned off, proceeds will go toward an account meant to benefit the victims of Hauk's embezzlement scheme. However, the money can't be distributed until Hauk is sentenced to time in prison.

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