Ex-girlfriend says word of sexual abuse suspect’s arrest confirmed her worst fears

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man with a self-described foot fetish is charged with sexual abuse – and now his ex-girlfriend claims she was also a victim caught on his camera phone.

Stephan Richardson, 23, is facing two counts of 2nd degree sexual abuse after prosecutors said he used the guise of a “dance video project” to trick two girls into letting him touch their feet for sexual purposes.

They were new allegations that his ex-girlfriend, who asked FOX 4 to hide her identity, knew all too well.

“It’s a sick obsession, not a fetish,” she said Friday.

She fell victim to that “sick obsession” three years ago when she dated Richardson for six months and soon discovered he had a dark secret.

“That was somebody that I actually grew to trust,” she said, “and all I can think about every time I see his face is that betrayal.”

She said she felt betrayed when her cousin allegedly found sexual videos on Richardson's phone that were shot at the Ivanhoe Gardens Apartments on E. 38th Street in Kansas City back in 2013.

She said the videos showed her sound asleep as he would use her feet to masturbate.

“On top of that, there were already other videos that were in his phone of other guys doing this same thing to their girlfriends’ ‘sleepy feet,’ that’s what the porn videos were called.”

But even more disturbing was one video in which she said several of her young nieces and nephews were asleep in the bed beside her. She said her 3-year-old niece woke up and caught Richardson in the act and he still didn't stop what he was doing.

“When your fetish is taken to the next level,” she said, “as far as you`re doing what you want to do in front of children... there`s a problem there.”

She confronted Richardson, who she said denied it, then disappeared. She also filed a report with police, but said nothing ever came of it.

“I was disgusted because I was like, I know that if he was that comfortable doing something like that to me, how many other women has he done this to and how far has it already went?” she said.

Her fears were confirmed Thursday when she saw Richardson's mugshot on FOX 4 for criminal charges that resulted from similar allegations.

“It’s sick, it really is,” she said. “I don`t think somebody like that should be free to be around anybody, really, because you don`t know sick he is right now. There`s no telling whether he would do it to a child, a woman or a man. It could be anybody.”

She now plans to contact police again to see if they'll investigate her claims amidst these new charges.

Richardson was fired from UMKC’s dining services after a student reported his inappropriate behavior and was most recently working at LEGOLAND, where police arrested him this week.

He remained in jail Friday night on a $4,900 bond.

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