Robbery suspect’s plans to hold up Lansing Jimmy John’s foiled fast by keen-eyed employee

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LANSING, Kan. -- They’re freaky fast at making sandwiches, but employees at an area Jimmy John's location have another trick up their sleeves. It’s something a teenager learned when he tried to rob the sandwich shop in Lansing on Thursday night.

It was closing time when a man walked in the side door with his hood up and a bandana covering his face.

“I looked at the manager like, is this a prank?” Dylan Gear-Silvey said.

“At first I thought it was a joke almost,” manager Charles Wise said.

But no one was laughing. The disguised man pointed a gun at the employees through his coat.

“It was kind of just like a freeze moment, like whoa... what's going on right now?” Gear-Silvey said.

Police say that disguised man was 19-year-old Emmanuel Brooks. Employees say Brooks began demanding money, pointing the weapon at the cashier. Meanwhile, Dylan was secretly preparing an attack.

“I was just checking the doors and the perimeter, making sure there was no one else outside,” he explained.

Dylan looked closely at the suspect, realizing it might not be a gun he was holding.

“He tried to make it seem like it was real, but the slide didn't go all the way forward,” he said.

Dylan whispered to his manager, he wanted to take the suspect down.

“I said, 'go for it, I got your back,'” Wise said.

Dylan attacked from behind, putting the suspect in a chokehold. His manager ran over seconds later and used a nearby mop to knock what turned out to be a BB gun out of his hand. A customer waiting in the drive-thru noticed and ran in, helping the two hold the suspect down until police arrived.

“We're taught to take them down with minimum amount of force as necessary,” Gear-Silvey said.

The suspect quickly realized, Dylan wasn’t just a Jimmy John’s employee. He’s also in the military and spent years as a prison guard. Dylan says the suspect picked the wrong sandwich shop.

“You never know who's gonna be working at Jimmy John's,” he said.

Brooks was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and battery. He is being held at the Leavenworth County Jail.

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