Students put life-skills to the test during Park Hill middle school’s class campout

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some teachers at Lakeview Middle School in the Park Hill School District took the classroom outside pm Friday. They spent part of the day camping with their students.

Some of the kids at Lakeview Middle School pitched tents and cooked hotdogs over a fire, all for the sake of learning. The students with special needs didn’t have to go too far to find the great outdoors.

In fact, they didn’t even leave school grounds. It just so happens to be the perfect spot to go camping and put those life-skills to the test.

Eighth grader, Danae Nelson, is a pro camper.

“We cook biscuits and we make s’mores and we camp out,” she said.

Learning to cook, clean, and work well with others, those are some of the lessons these students learn from camping. Autism teacher, Marlene Rose, says students go through a lot of personal growth, just take a look at Danae.

“Her first year with us she was so afraid of the fire she wouldn’t even come outside. We finally got her out the very end with s’mores. She missed most of the camping day because she was so afraid. She came running out here her 8th grade year. She’s been cooking everything over the fire,” said Rose.

From flying kites to cooking hot dogs, there’s a lot of excitement.

This is an annual tradition that will continue for years to come.

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