Bring canned food to a Mid-Continent Public Library, get your fine cleared

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The Mid-Continent Public Library is collecting canned food during its Food for Fines program, which provides the opportunity for library cardholders to clear their overdue fine charges in return for donating non-perishable food items to the Library.

From May 2 through May 8, all 31 MCPL branches will accept donations that will be distributed to local food pantries. In addition to clearing their own charges, patrons may “pay it forward” and donate additional food items to be put toward a fellow community member’s fines who may not be able to donate.

The Food for Fines program runs before the launch of MCPL’s summer reading program.

Jessica Jones, MCPL“It’s really a time when food pantries need help as well, with kids not being in school and getting supplemental food from school,” said Jessica Ford, asst. manager of the South Independence branch of Mid-Continent Public Library.

With food donations of all non-perishable goods such as cans and boxes of food, ramen, meals packaged, library patrons can wipe away up to $10 in fines.

“We just have to make sure it’s not expired or damaged in any way,” said Ford.