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Christian Colon helps kids pick out and try on new shoes at ‘Go 2 Bat 4 Others’ event

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -– As the Royals return home for a short home stand against the Washington Nationals (May 2-4), Christian Colon didn't waste any time getting to work in the community before the night game against the Washington Nationals at 7:15 p.m.

In the "Go 2 Bat 4 Others" Shoe Event, Royals infielder Christian Colon and his wife, Kayla, together with the Bishop Sullivan Center helped students at Longfellow Elementary, 2830 Holmes Street, try on and walk away with a new pair of shoes. Funding for the new shoes is provided by Royals Charities.

"Something to reach the kids," said Colon. "Something that just came about... just talking. It's just giving back to the community. We got to give back to the community and show how much they mean."

The kids were appreciative.

"I feel happy about it. Because it makes me feel like I have more new shoes," said Zanrayh, a kindergartener who is 6-years-old. "Everybody thought I wear the 3 1/2 but they're too big but then I found a 2 and they fit me."

"I remember when I was a kid I was all about shoes and Jordans," said Colon. "It's just seeing their faces and how grateful they are. Some of them were really shy. But they have their personality. They say thank you, you know, 'Are you a real player? Do you really play for the Royals or do you just put on a jersey?'"

Asked if he and the team are relieved to be home after some tough away-games, Colon said definitely.

"Road trip was a little rough but we're back at our house where we like to play baseball, our kind of baseball. Last year we had rough patches like this, but it's a long season. These things are going to happen. We're ready to go. We feel great, we're still confident. We're still the same team and it's just going to take time and it's just early in the season," Colon said.