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Great Plains SPCA receives major grant but needs public’s support to reap full benefit

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MERRIAM, Kan. -- A local animal shelter got a major donation on Monday, but to cash in on the full amount, it needs the public's help.

Great Plains SPCA serves more than 35,000 pets every year and says spring is a crucial time for workers and volunteers because that is the time of year they often see an influx in homeless and newborn pets.

With the Matching Campaign, the shelter hopes to raise funds to continue providing care for local animals. As a part of the campaign, the PETCO Foundation has agreed to match all fundraising efforts during the month of May up to $250,000. The Hero Program, which involves workers and volunteers feeding and providing vaccinations for animals in the community, will be one of the key programs that raised funds will benefit.

"What it will do for us is allow us to expand outreach in our community to some of the most under-served areas, under-served people, under-served pets and give them a better life," with Great Plains SPCA said. "Without this support the growing demand that we receive for calls for assistance and help may go unmet because the resources just aren't there to provide that service."