Thief breaks into garage to steal tools, lawn equipment while man is inside his Kansas City house

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man hopes police will find the thief who broke into his garage and stole some expensive tools at his home in the Romanelli West neighborhood near 75th and State Line.

The theft happened over the weekend, sometime Saturday night or into early Sunday morning. Mark Mannion, the victim, believes he was actually at home when it happened. Mannion believes the crook or crooks walked through his backyard, got inside his garage and stole the items, while Mannion was inside his house. The thief or thieves pried open his garage door, splitting the door jam.

Power tools, lawn equipment and a lawnmower were stolen right out of his garage.

"To get the lawnmower and navigate it out; the lights are on and I'm probably here," said Mannion.

Mannion is new to the neighborhood. He moved from St. Louis just a few months ago.

"Not the welcome anyone would want," he said.

Mannion says when police arrived, they told him there have been three similar garage thefts in this area. Right now police don't know if all the crimes are connected.

"You understand it exists," he said. "You hear about it, but when it happens... to know that you were actually home, that changes it a little bit," he said.

As he spreads the word to others to keep a closer eye out, Mannion is also taking extra precautions to protect his property.

"Quite a few things I'm considering, but cameras first and foremost," he said.

"You want them caught and you want your neighbors to know," Mannion said.