Warmer weather brings an increase in pest infestation problems

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Few things are worse than unwanted guests. Even the ones you don't always see can become a major headache.

Bug experts said this year has kept them busy, as insects find their way indoors to start the spring.

2016 looks like home sweet home for insects and other pests at homes in the metro. Tyler Gosnell is a pest control specialist, a "bug guy" at Blue Beetle Pest Control in Kansas City, who said his company's phones are ringing at twice the pace they would be in early May because people can't get rid of the bugs.

Gosnell said he's traveling to as many as 12 homes, searching for bugs and rodents, and like never before, he and other technicians are seeing ants and spiders where they don't belong.

“I've talked to a lot of pest control experts who have been, and it's about double what it was. It's definitely picking up a lot,” Gosnell said.

Kansas City weather has been much warmer in 2016 than it was four years ago, when, on May 2nd, an early May Royals baseball game was ruined by snow.

Gosnell said there's truth in the old wives tale that says cold winters are needed to kill off pests.

“We haven't had as many freezing days, snowy days, near as much ice on the ground. Any of that. It's been a lot warmer than it normally is,” Gosnell said.

Gosnell advises homeowners to search for small exterior cracks, which can offer access to small animals, and to keep your house clean, since cockroaches love garbage cans and dirty dishes.

“It's a game of probability. You want to do the steps you can take to make sure it won't be as bad as it can be,” Gosnell said.

Contrary to what many people might believe, Gosnell said it's not true that your home needs to be dusty or unkempt to attract a lot of bugs. He said it's happening at homes all across the metro, and it's expected to stay this way the rest of the year.

Pest control experts told FOX 4 News it is possible to control bugs without the help of an expert. However, doing so will require time and money most people wouldn't want to invest.