Babysitter arrested in Grain Valley, Mo. for kidnapping, but she says she was trying to protect child

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- A babysitter claims she was protecting a 5-month-old who showed up at her house bruised and scratched, the baby's mom says that's not true. The babysitter is behind bars, facing kidnapping charges.

Police arrested 44-year-old Bobbie Goolsby Thursday for child kidnapping. Investigators say Tuesday, she refused to give 5-month-old Jackson back to his mother Ashley Laykovich. But those close to the Goolsby say Jackson lives with the babysitter, she loves him, and has been the person responsible for him while his young mother rarely comes to visit her son.

Goolsby said after Jackson spent some time with his mom, she noticed scratches and marks on the baby. Goolsby told Laykovich to either give her custody or she'd call the Department of Family Services. Laykovich called police. A few hours later, Goolsby eventually led officers to the baby.

Ashley Monroe is Goolsby's daughter. She said: "My family loves him (the 5-month-old) to death. We've all taken part in trying to take care of him, provided for him, formula, diapers, anything he may have needed. My mom was the main caregiver for him 24/7, I know she deeply cares for him and we're all deeply frustrated with the situation."

Jackson's mother Ashley Laykovich said: "My plan is find another babysitter and do a really good background check this time, even if I have to pay for it because that was, it was frightening when you go for several hours not knowing where your son is."

Court records show police didn't find any bruises but did find "small scratches." Laykovich said Children's Mercy Hospital didn't find anything wrong with her baby, but she didn't have the hospital records to show so FOX 4 could confirm that.

Goolsby, whose family says has no criminal record, remains behind bars with a $50,000 bond.

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