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Customers, Waldo coffee shop owner help police catch man accused of exposing himself

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "I just wanted to make sure he didn't do it anywhere else," said Jeremy Neff, the owner of One More Cup.

Neff, a local coffee shop owner, helped police catch a man exposing himself to other customers before he found out that Federal Immigration Authorities have tried to deport Vincente Heredia since 1994.

Kansas City police arrested 59-year-old Heredia Sunday at a Waldo coffee shop after two female customers say he exposed himself to them. He's since been charged with first degree sexual misconduct.

"I was in back, a woman called and told me that she was out in front of the coffee shop and that a customer sitting inside the coffee shop was exposing himself," Neff recalled.

Neff and his wife own One More Cup coffee shop in Waldo. He says he didn't see anything himself, but said that Heredia got up from the table and left when he saw Neff and the two women discussing something outside.

"Immediately started walking down Wornall away from the shop and the two women out front told me 'that was the guy, that's him, there he goes,'" added Neff.

Neff said the women were on the phone with police describing Heredia -- who Neff said was quickly walking away. Neff followed him in his car for between 5 and 10 minutes while waiting for police to get there.

"And I realized he was getting out of my sight," Neff said.

Neff said Heredia was going through alleys and down various streets trying to get away, but thanks to Neff, police were able to find Heredia and arrest him. Neff says he's thankful because many families were out and about.

"There was a lot of people out in the neighborhood that afternoon, it was a nice Sunday afternoon, it was Mother's Day, there were all kinds of people walking around," he said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency says immigration officials have been unable to get the travel documents from Cuban authorities need to deport Heredia, which authorities have been trying to do for more than 20 years.

According to court documents, Heredia has prior felony convictions for drug trafficking, burglary and sexual misconduct, and he's also a registered sex offender.

Neff said nothing like this has ever happened at his shop before, and said he doesn't think anyone else saw anything.

On Monday, immigration authorities placed a detainer on Heredia. He will be handed over to federal authorities when the criminal charges in Jackson County are resolved.

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