Fourth grade students get schooled in safety skills at Sni Valley firehouse

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OAK GROVE, Mo. -- Fourth graders in the Oak Grove School District learned about fire safety from the best there is: the Sni Valley firefighters.

Over a span of three days, the firefighters created different stations for the kids to go through, each teaching a different skill.

“The message sinks in a little better. I think it’s the age group. They’re not as resistant. Maybe it’s that we’re of a similar age group mentally ourselves,” said Captain Cam Cathey.

The kids learned just how heavy the equipment really is through a relay race. They quickly put on the gear and rolled up a fire hose.

The Sni Valley firefighters also taught CPR to the tune of “staying alive”. Some of the 10-year-olds said it was their first time ever experiencing the life-saving method

Spending a day at the firehouse, some of these fourth graders are inspired to become future firefighters

“Being a firefighter would be a big risk. It would be cool to take that risk,” said student Brooklyn Albright.

“It’s cool that you get to save lives,” added another student, Logan Hernandez.

The year-long program wrapped up with a big splash. Next year, the firefighters hope to include home schoolers in the program.

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