One of three children left home alone in Old Northeast hospitalized with burns

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Calamity rang out in one Old Northeast neighborhood on Thursday.

Police say three children were left alone in their home near the intersection of N. Lawndale Avenue and Saida Avenue, when a fire started in the house's kitchen.

One of those three children suffered significant burns to his shoulder, according to Kansas City Police spokesperson Sgt. Kari Thompson. Neighbors told FOX 4 News the fire began when one of the three children tried cooking something in the family's microwave oven.

The parents of those children, all of whom are 10 years old or younger, were taken into police custody. Sgt. Thompson told reporters those parents could face charges of child endangerment, which is a felony. Sgt. Thompson said the injured child was taken to a nearby emergency room for treatment for first degree burns.

"We understand the fire started in the kitchen," Sgt. Thompson said. "We do have fire investigators with the fire department as well as our bomb and arson detectives who are here collaborating together. They do a pretty good job too. They'll be able to share the source of this and the cause."

Sgt. Thompson said the other two children living in the home were not injured, and they're staying with family while their parents are in police custody.

"We are speaking about our most precious assets here, which are our children, so this is a very serious situation today," Sgt. Thompson said.

"It appears the parents were running errands. We don't know how long they were left unattended."

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