Master builders display large sculptures at Lego KidsFest

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of families piled in to Bartle Hall this weekend for Lego KidsFest. In total, 10,000 master builders of all ages gathered for the event.

While some people might think legos just belong in a toy box, the reactions of parents at Sunday's event said otherwise.

Each lego model has more than 25,000 pieces. It is a task which takes up to 2,000 hours to build.

Chris Steininger is one of the men behind the impressive models.

"There is no typical day in a model shop. I might be in a shop one day building one of these models and the next day in Malaysia building a massive falcon... so really every day is different," said Steininger.

Aman Reaka spends time every week building legos with his two sons, building a type of artwork connecting generations of families.

"You get to do creativity, learn to follow instructions and it is just fun to spend time together... putting things together like that," said Reaka.

Steininger is currently working on a lego model of Rio de Janeiro which will travel down to the Olympics this summer.

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