Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car to save it from cold

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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wy. — Some well-intentioned, but clearly ill-informed tourists had a lot of park rangers shaking their heads after a father and son attempted to help a bison calf they feared was in danger.

In fairness, while rangers warn tourists not to touch the bison, they never said anything about putting it one in your car.

But that’s just what one mom witnessed a father and son doing while she was on a school outing with a group of fifth graders, according to East Idaho News.

Karen Richardson said on Monday she saw a father and son pull up to a ranger station with a bison calf in the back of their SUV.


“They were demanding to speak with a ranger,” Richardson said. “They were seriously worried that the calf was freezing and dying.”

Rob Heusevelet, another parent chaperoning the school group, demanded the two remove the bison from their vehicle immediately.

“They didn’t care,” Heusevelet says. “They sincerely thought they were doing a service and helping that calf by trying to save it from the cold.”

Yellowstone regulations prohibit visitors from approaching wildlife and say you should stay at least 25 yards away from large animals, according to the National Park Service website.

The rangers followed the pair back to where they picked up the bison calf and let it go, where it presumably returned to life as a normal, healthy animal in its natural environment.

Heusevelt said rangers ticketed the man and his son, who they said were from another country.

Now, the father and son just have to figure out how to get that bison smell out of the interior.

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