Bikers ride to rehabilitation center where officer is recovering from crash

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- She crashed after chasing after a speeding car. Now a KCK motorcycle officer is on her road to recovery.

Officer Karen Jenkins has been living at a rehabilitation center at 85th Street and Parallel Parkway where she's been working hard learning to reuse her legs after a devastating crash in February.

Saturday, she saw many of her friends for the first time in months.

Jenkins hasn't been home since her on-duty crash at the end of February.

"I had four surgeries and two hospitals. This is my second place for rehab," Jenkins explained.

Jenkins has come a long way: from being told my doctors they couldn't save her ankle, to standing for the first time on Friday.

Amy Both rides with Jenkins as part of the Greater Kansas City Harley Owners Group.

"It was shocking. She's a very seasoned rider, a very good rider, but she was in hot pursuit, and the unfortunate happened," Both said.

Nearly a hundred riders started in Blue Springs and made their way to the Kansas City Resort Care Center, where Jenkins is continuing treatment.

Jenkins said even with partial pay from the police department, both her medical bills and the cost of caring for her special needs daughter are adding up.

Jenkins said she is grateful for the support and will continue her recovery so she can accomplish two things: from the very beginning I told the doctors I need to be able to ride my bike and lift my babies, so I'm trying to get to full weight-bearing where I can do those two things."

The other residents at the rehabilitation center got to enjoy the event as well.