Woman finally gets Disney World trip after she finds her unused ticket from 1994

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The Magic Kingdom made one woman’s Disney dreams come true after she found her unused ticket from 1994. Disney World accepted the ticket and welcomed her to the park.

Few things can be more crushing to a 4-year-old than getting sick and missing out on a day at Disney World with her family, but that’s just what happened to Chelsea Herline in 1994, WOFL reported.

Fast forward 22 years later, when Chelsea’s father discovered the ticket, still in fairly good condition. Chelsea said her dad “was cleaning our basement, and he found the ticket in our safe in the basement, so he had kept it for 22 years, and he knew we had a trip to Florida coming up, so he brought the ticket with him.”

Unsure of whether the park would accept the ticket, Chelsea decided to give it a shot. She had her mom drop her off at the front gates, although she made sure to have her circle back just in case she couldn’t get in.

“So I walked up, and there was a girl at the ticket counter, and I approached her with a big smile and I said hi, I have a really old ticket, will you let me in?” Chelsea asked.

To her amazement, the employee accepted the ticket, exchanged it for a modern electronic one, and Chelsea walked in.

Although 22 years is quite a while to wait, Chelsea finally got her day at Disney World.

“This has been a really funny experience,” Herline said. “I was not expecting this at all and my parents are loving it that they were able to save the ticket so long, and it’s getting this much attention. So, it’s pretty awesome!”