Worlds of Fun gives new meaning to “speed dating”

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Worlds of Fun is taking speed dating to the next level. The park invited visitors to try speed dating while barreling down the tracks on The Mamba, one of the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coasters in the world.

"I was trying to find love at the roller coaster of love at Worlds of Fun," said one lady who took the plunge. "You have like 30 seconds basically on the way up to talk to someone, meet them and kind of get the gist of who they were."

"Hi, my name is... Your name is... Family from here? Just kind of shoot some small talk," said one man trying out speed dating. "And then, yeah. You just kind of start screaming."

Usually, when your date starts screaming, that's a bad sign. But not on this roller coaster of love.

"I liked it better than going out to coffee. It's something exciting, it's fun. You get to see how someone reacts on a roller coaster." she explained.

"It's a great idea, you know, because you have a couple seconds to talk before 'WHAM!' You know, because you know it's coming, so it's like, 'alright, let's find something in common really quick' and then we're off." he said.

"I didn't find the perfect match, but I did make friends, so that's good. Success. I would do it again," she added.