Chewbacca mask lady reaches new level of joy when Kohl’s shows up with free stuff

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Candance Payne, the woman who shot to viral fame when she posted a video showing her pure joy after she bought herself a Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s has even more to smile at. The company showed up at her door with a haul of free stuff, including more Chewbacca masks, so she won’t have to share with her kids.

Kohl’s, where Candace bought the mask, decided to thank her for her positivity and enthusiasm, especially considering the mask has sold out in stores across the country since Candace’s video, which has since been viewed nearly 130 million times.

“We don’t want you to stress about sharing your Chewbacca mask, so we ‘confinscated’ masks for everyone,”┬áthe Kohl’s representative said, referring to Payne’s joke about her pronunciation in the video.

Kohl’s also gave her $2,500 in gift cards and 10,000 rewards points.

Sure, it might be a quick marketing move for the company, as the video has been nothing short of a booming rocket of good press for Kohl’s. But the cynic in you just has to shrug it off and just feel happy for the family. Candace’s infectious laughter and her excitement for “the simple joys” are something that we can all appreciate.

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