Riders saddle up to spread message of peace in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Dozens of people riding horseback down 63rd street in Kansas City. It's not something you see everyday. And the riders said that's the point.

They wanted people to ask questions about it so they can share their message.

FOX 4's Molly Balkenbush was at Cleveland Park in KCK where the ride ended, to find out what the ride was all about.

The group of riders said this was a ride to spread a message of anti-violence.

They said the idea is to let people know they are fed up with the violent crimes here in Kansas City. They rode for an hour today and passed out flyers along the way.

It was organized by the Show Me Riders Horse Club of Kansas City, but there were riders from several clubs.

The club is also an outreach organization. Members say the goal is to reach Kansas city's youth.

The group started at Swope Park, made their way down 43rd and Benton and finally ended up at Cleveland park.

They say they hope people felt their presence.

Natasha Fuller, executive director of Show Me Riders Horse Club of Kansas City, said the presence of so many horses is guaranteed to draw attention.

"The horses create the foundation and it creates an open, you know people want to know why we're on our horses so if there is 50 of us in the street then they want to know what we are doing, we are able to say we want to bring awareness to some of the things that are taking place in Kansas City," Fuller said.

The executive director says it was one of their 15-year-old members who had the idea to make it an anti-violence ride. They said he wanted to make sure the summer season started on the right foot.