Park Hill School District looking for ways to creatively accommodate growing student population

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One school district is trying to keep up with demand, and it’s looking for your help to decide how it can creatively accommodate all students.

Right now the Park Hill School District is working with three main ideas. The first would be to add onto existing school buildings.

Another option is to add flexible scheduling which, for example, might allow students to do some classes online at home, taking away some of the crowding.

A third option is to put more students into professional development- giving them internship-like experiences instead of learning in the school building.

"We intend to use this as an opportunity to be innovative and creative so that we can work toward that next generation of what we intend to provide for Park Hill students and parents," said Jeff Klein, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services.

Right now there are no plans to build a new high school. However, a new elementary and middle school could be necessary eventually.

There will be two opportunities for you to provide your input and learn more about the plans Tuesday at Park Hill South High School.
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