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Soaking rains cause a flood of problems in the Northland

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Monday’s soaker caused problems for metro homeowners. There were several reports of flooded basements in the Northland, and some folks living in townhomes in the bottom say a pool of water is causing them to make a muddy detour.

FOX 4 was able to measure the water at more than 12 inches in a space leading up to the residents' front doors. They say there is a drain below all that water that was apparently not working. When they tried to answers about who’s supposed to fix it, they say all they get is the runaround.

“It’s not something you want to come home and see,” said neighbor Victoria McDonald. Water measuring more than a foot deep in spots, is what she sees when she opens her door. she says it happened last month too, leaving her car with water damage.

To avoid the deep water, residents have to make the muddy trek in soggy grass to get inside her home. FOX 4 saw several children walk right through it. Getting anyone to do something about seems nearly impossible to McDonald.

“I contacted the office and they said that it was the city’s problem. So then I contacted the city calling 311 and they said it’s the property’s problem, so it’s back and forth and nothing's ever getting done about it, so we’re just sitting here with all this water like, uh!”

McDonald says last time this happened it took days for the water to recede leaving behind a nasty smell, and forcing residents to park away from their homes.

FOX 4 was not able to hear from the city, and property owner late Monday to find out what could be done about the floodwater. There were water problems in the Northland, too.

The city of Gladstone posted on Facebook that crews were assessing flash flooding. People started sharing their stories of soggy basements and garages. The daylong heavy showers had Olathe homeowner Steve Martin taking the proactive approach, when his sump pump made funny sounds.

"It just didn’t sound right. It seemed like it was struggling to get all the water out,” said Martin.

He called Anthony Plumbing who determined everything was just fine. It’s good news to the homeowner who in the past spent close to $3,000 when his sump pump previously failed

Knowing that’s not the case made him rest easier Monday night.

“Now I can sleep at night and not worry about it,” said Martn.