KC Streetcar resumes service after track issue caused shutdown

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The KC Streetcar needed a tow after it ran off the track on Monday afternoon shortly before 4.

The service was temporarily suspended according to officials, after one of the trains had trouble on the tracks near Union Station. Service resumed at about 9 p.m.

A spokeswoman told FOX 4 this happened in an area with a switch in the tracks and crews are on scene trying to repair and restart. There were about 10 passengers on board at the time.

"We had a track switch issue here at Union Station. A track switch is where we are able to change directions with our streetcar and we had two wheels come off the track at this point," said Donna Mandelbaum.

Shuttle service was offered while service was suspended. Mandelbaum said that crews have been trained for this scenario.

"We had months of training and testing and one of the situations is, what happens when you do have a streetcar that is not lined up on the tracks? So we do have a procedure for that," she said.

Monday's rainy weather is being investigated as a possible cause, but nothing has been confirmed yet.