Joe’s Weather Blog: Up close (very) tornado video! (WED-5/25)

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Good morning. Reed Timmer who has helped us for years with School Day at the K appearances sent me some amazing very up close video of one of the big tornadoes yesterday near the Dodge City area. He shot it when the tornado was out in the open fields of western KS. It was a very prolific day yesterday for tornado formation out there as chasers had some of their biggest days in their lives tracking these twisters. Some saw 10-12 different tornadoes in one day which is unheard of in the chasing community. More videos and pictures are in the discussion part of the blog. In addition we need to update our ever changing forecast as the worst of the storms last night fell apart as they approached the KC area thankfully reducing the rain amounts especially earlier this morning. The headline video is from 

Today: Convoluted to say the least as there may be some sort of outflow boundary in the area right now. At this point though there doesn’t appear to be a major focus for additional storms to develop that’s readily apparent. With all that said…let’s continue with storm chances just because after daybreak something is going on in NE KS that is moving towards the ESE. As we get more PM sunshine today and as the dew points climb sharply…we will be more unstable. So at least the potential of scattered storms is still around. Highs today near 80°. I’d say rain chances locally this afternoon are around 30% or so. Obviously there is some rain on the northside this morning

Tonight: We may see more quiet weather overnight. Increasing dew points and rather muggy conditions expected though. Lows in the 60s

Thursday: Warm and humid with partly cloudy skies. Highs near 85° with a heat index approach 90° in spots. we should be mostly dry it appears right now.


Let’s start with the big storms out in western KS yesterday. Hundreds of chasers and residents out there got an eyeful for sure as some big tornadoes formed including one (or  more) big ones. The videos are something to see for weather enthusiasts.

Let’s start with Reed Timmers’ video that was ultra close-up as the biggest tornado was scrapping the fields out there.

He sent me a higher resolution 4K video of the movie above if you want to look at it…it’s pretty amazing to see that’s for sure.

There were multiple tornadoes out there yesterday…

The folks in Dodge City…really got lucky yesterday. It was heading towards them and thankfully stayed west of town as the storm was cycling through it’s various stages. at one point in time there were 3(!) tornadoes spinning around the same storm

In Reed’s video above…you may notice a clump of trees…there is a house in there…and the twister missed that house by a mere 50 yards apparently.

Here is a time-lapse of this amazing storm (one of the tornadoes it produced)…this too is very cool.

Brandon Sullivan also got some amazing video…

Many chasers say it’s a day they will never forget…and we’re talking folks who have seen hundreds of tornadoes.

One last video…this from Bart Comstock


Finally one last time-lapse…

Early estimates of the strength of one of the tornadoes

There were tornadoes yesterday even up in N MI…in May…which according to records hasn’t happened since at least 1973!

Back home into KC…as I wrote about over the weekend…we haven’t been set-up for severe weather locally. While there were some wind gusts last night to close to 50-55 MPH created by what’s called a “wake low”…creating some power outages. A wake a very small area of low pressure that is characterized by warm sinking air. This eats away, rather rapidly at the leftover rain…and helps to create gusty winds. In the big picture though…aside from the rain…we’ve been fortunate as I expected. Will that continue?

Odds say yes it will…at least for now.

There may be some PM storms re-firing today but odds don’t really favor much activity locally. There are some showers up to the north of the KC metro this morning as radar below shows.

As a matter of fact…overall today will be a calmer day through the Plains states…

Tomorrow into Friday may not be for the the Plains…again especially out west.

Again that slight risk is probably too far east…but that “enhanced” risk looks reasonable…whatever get’s it’s act together out there tomorrow late afternoon would try to run towards us sometime early Friday in a weakened state probably.

So at least for now…it appears we should be relatively calm aside from the activity this AM for the next couple of days.

The holiday weekend looks reasonable with scattered storms but nothing overwhelming in terms of coverage at this point. Let’s see how that evolves over the next few days

OK that’s it for today…I’ll keep watching things…but overall we’re in pretty good shape I think.




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  • Amae

    Joe, have you ever gone on a chase ? Would you get that close to one ? Even though Reed is a pro at chasing, to me it looked like he was entirely too close to that monster. The tornado can take a south turn…..correct ? Case in point, wasn’t it a couple of years ago when that one in TX….or OK…..took an abrupt turn south and chasers were caught in it ? Was it Reed ?

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