Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge to serve as center to help empower veterans

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This Memorial Day, it's important that we remember those who serve our country and communities, and one person going above and beyond is Orin Jackson. He's spearheading the initiative behind the Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge, a home and treatment center for veterans.

The center will be located in Green City, Mo., in the northern part of the state, and plans to serve as "a helping hand up to our veterans in need, using a multiple of the empowering programs, established and used over many years. Our self-help programs prove to be beneficial with helping restore lost confidence, self-esteem, independence and self-reliance just to name a few. These are traits already instilled and engrained through training into our brave men and women in uniform, but may have been damaged by the stress associated with deployment and sometimes combat."

Jackson said the effort to build the lodge is supported by a long list of companies and organizations throughout Missouri, and some in Iowa, chipping in to make the lodge a reality.

Jackson said the lodge will be a place where veterans can "participate in different programs," where they can become involved in forestry, hunting, fishing, and other activities.

"The veterans that are coming back from the war, they need treatment for PTSD," Jackson said. "We get the veterans in there in group [therapy], and then I have active duty military members that come down and actually help council the veterans in the group facilities... Give them a place to come back and feel normal."

To learn more about the center, or to donate, please visit the Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge website.


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