Is “Race” a contender? “Gods of Egypt” heavenly? “Triple 9” fine? Popcorn Bag Home Video reviews!

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1) RACE (PG-13)

Focus Features


Kansas City’s Jason Sudeikis and newcomer Stephan James star in the sports drama, “Race.” James plays Olympic great Jesse Owens who electrified the world during the 1936 Berlin games that were supposed to prove Hitler’s theory of Aryan superiority. Sudeikis is Owens’ hard-drinking coach.


This handsome-looking film hoped to do the same thing that “42” did for Jackie Robinson’s story, focusing on a great sportsman’s dignity in the face of daunting racism. While very well meaning and honorable, it’s odd that a movie about one of the world's fastest men is so slow moving and episodic.


But thanks to its cast and its commendable heart, “Race” gets a bronze medal for its efforts.


Shawn says: Generically accurate and entertaining.


RUSS: 3 Popcorn Bags

SHAWN: 3 Popcorn Bags






Yet again, white guys have the lead roles in a story that takes place in ancient Egypt. In the over-produced fantasy epic “Gods of Egypt,” there's $140 million in eye candy, but little else. The filmmakers tried to recapture the magic of the old Ray Harryhausen sword and sandal fantasy films like "Jason and the Argonauts," but the gods of screenwriting apparently cursed their convoluted script.


Shawn says: A cinematic train wreck technically and culturally


RUSS: 2 Popcorn Bags

SHAWN: 1 Popcorn Bag



3) TRIPLE 9 (R)

Open Road Films


“Triple 9” is a sleazy but involving crime drama. Some crooked cops are forced by the Russian mob to pull off some complicated heists, but the arrival of an honest rookie officer complicates matters.


The strong cast includes Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie and Woody Harrelson, and they’re all too good for this squalid material. There’s lots of intense, violent action, but it’s in service of an unprincipled story.


Shawn says: Ambitious but overall a bit messy although thoroughly entertaining with intensity for days.


RUSS: 3 Popcorn Bags

SHAWN: 3 Popcorn Bags




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