New developments help KCK detectives investigating murder from 1980s

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 1989 cold case is back in the news. Detectives say they are nearing the end of their investigation of a 19-year-old woman murdered more than 25 years ago.

KCK detectives said they have a suspect and an accomplice in the murder of Sarah Deleon. Her body was found beneath Interstate 435 in KCK in December of 1989. She was found with head injuries and was stabbed multiple times. Her black Ford Mustang was found under the overpass at Interstate 70 and 78th Street.

Police believe her death may be connected to the 1994 murder of Diana Ault in Independence.

In January of 2014, both families held a vigil together to remember Sarah and Diana, who did not know each other.

Police did not name the suspect, saying only that it is a woman who lives in the greater Kansas City area, but she is not yet in custody.

They believe that the suspect and another person have been involved in multiple incidents of harassment and intimidation of romantic rivals.

Police said they would like to speak with anyone who was at the American Motel in Kansas City, Kan. near I-70 and 78th Street back on the night of Friday, Feb. 13, 1987. It was called the American Inn at the time. They are especially interested in talking to anyone who remembers seeing a limousine there.

Detectives said advances in DNA technology has moved the Deleon case forward. It was re-opened in July of 2014.

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