Rubio pledges to support Trump as ‘Never Hillary’ slogan unites GOP voters

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Donald Trump’s best ally in winning over fellow Republicans is turning out to be Hillary Clinton.

He overcame a “Never Trump” campaign aimed at blocking him from the Republican nomination. Now he’s benefiting from a wave of GOP donors, voters and conservative groups uniting under a new banner: “Never Hillary.”

Scott Reed, a political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says, “Nothing unites Republicans better than a Clinton.”

Former Trump rival Marco Rubio says he’s willing to help Trump because he’s can’t live with the prospect of another Clinton White House. His comments come even though he earlier called Trump a “con artist.”

The Florida senator dropped out of the race after losing his home state to Trump in a campaign that included personal attacks and name-calling. Rubio admitted in an interview that he made mistakes in his campaign, and said he has since apologized to Trump for his behavior, saying “I didn’t like what it reflected on me… That’s not who I am.”

“I’ve never learned from success, I’ve learned from failure. I’ll learn from this,” Rubio added. “Whether I run for president someday or run for something else or do this in the business world, there are lessons I will take from this that will make me better and stronger as a result.”

Trump is piling up those kinds of lukewarm GOP endorsements thanks to Republicans’ deep disdain for the likely Democratic nominee.

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