Husky owner offers to let people walk his dogs to feel safe along Trolley Trail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Waldo man is offering an unconventional security service for women walking the Trolley Trail.

This comes after a report of indecent exposure along the trail.

“I’ve never been accosted by anybody because nobody comes near me with my huskies,” Gary Belt laughed.

He feels safe both in and out of his house. Sometimes he doesn’t even lock his doors. That’s because the entire neighborhood knows of his protectors because Belt had to get a kennel license to keep all his dogs.

“In the winter time, all the people of Waldo sees us running around as the dog sled team,” he said with a laugh.

After reports of indecency on the Trolley Trail, Belt is offering up a solution. He wants to loan his dogs out to women who want to walk or run that trail. There’s a vetting process, but he said once trust is earned, you can walk the dogs any time you want.

“It sounds wacky but I’m willing to give it a try,” said Belt.

The retired firefighter feels the need to ensure safety in his neighborhood.

For more information on how to contact Belt, visit his website: