Business owners think same burglars bounced between Belton businesses during crime spree

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The Little Pig BBQ was one of the establishments targeted by burglars.

The Little Pig BBQ was one of the establishments targeted by burglars.

BELTON, Mo. — Three Belton businesses were burglarized over the holiday weekend, and in each case similar-looking suspects were caught on camera.

The business owners seem to think the same thieves are responsible for all the break-ins that occurred early Sunday morning.

On Thursday, police said two juveniles were suspected of involvement and were referred to the Cass County Juvenile Office. Because they are juveniles they have not been identified and the case is still under investigation.

One of the places targeted was Little Pig BBQ on S. Scott Avenue, a family-owned staple in this community for nearly eight years.

Little Big BBQ owner Jeremy Dahmer

Little Big BBQ owner Jeremy Dahmer

“We strive for it to be just quality food, with good customer service,” said owner Jeremy Dahmer.

Dahmer described his restaurant as a beloved “hole in the wall” BBQ joint frequented by families – and now unfortunately targeted by thieves.

“It’s frustrating,” he said of this weekend’s burglary. “I mean, it’s really disheartening to walk into that. Honestly my manager was scared, very uncertain all day long. All the employees…I don’t know even know how to explain it. It’s a violation feeling and uncertainty.”

Dahmer said several of his surveillance cameras caught two thieves breaking into a back window, walking through the kitchen, and heading for the cash register.

“[They] got into the safe,” he said, “took some cash, put everything right back and walked out, in a matter of 3-5 minutes.”

Dahmer said they made off with hundreds of dollars – but they weren’t done yet.

Nearby businesses, NCC Muffler and Brakes, and a U-Haul storage center, also reported break-ins around the same time this holiday weekend.

Both business owners declined interviews, but told FOX 4 their surveillance video shows similar looking suspects stealing thousands of dollars in property.

“They knew pretty well what they were doing,” Dahmer said, “where they were going, how quickly they were in and out, where everything was.”

All three business owners are now working with Belton police to track down the suspects.

Meanwhile, Dahmer said even if detectives never crack the case, he hopes the thieves think twice before victimizing anyone else.

“It does make a difference in people’s lives,” he said. “And if you’re down and out and desperate, ask for help before you take it.”

Little Pig BBQ posted the following message to Facebook Thursday morning to say that the suspects had been arrested.

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