One year after drive-by shooting, Amorian Hale’s mom keeps son’s memory alive

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One year later, a metro mom is still waiting for her 3-year-old son to come back. It’s been one year since the toddler was shot and killed while sleeping in his bed.

Three men are charged in Amorian Hale’s murder. The court process is underway, but no matter the sentence, Amorian’s mom says she will never have closure.

“It's very vivid. Everything is vivid,” said Monee McKinney.

Loud shots. Bullet holes covering her home. A car speeding away and her 3-year-old son lifeless in his bedroom.

“The last thing I see is my son laying in that bed,” McKinney said.

One year has passed and when McKinney closes her eyes to sleep at night, she still sees Amorian in that bed. He was a victim of a driveby, shot in the head.

“I still talk to him every day. I still talk to him... whether it's stopping by his grave,” she said.

McKinney has worked the past several months, on turning her pain into passion. She created a group in honor of Amorian called MoriZ World. McKinney has been active in the community, speaking out against violence for kids like her son who no longer can.

“These kids don't do anything. Do you want to be like me? Do you want to come and see your child at a grave site?” she asked.

McKinney is now six months pregnant. It’s hard for her to enjoy her pregnancy knowing Amorian won’t be there.

“He loved being a big brother. That was like, his pride and joy... his brothers and his sisters. It hurts a lot to know that he's not gonna be there,” she said.

He was little but McKinney says Amorian was a protector who was always by his little sister and little brother’s side.

She knows he still is.

“I still believe he's watching over them,” McKinney said.

The group MoriZ World is teaming up with other community activists for an event in his honor on June 5th from 4:00 to 8:00 PM at Swope Park.

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