Portion of crumbing Turkey Creek Trail closed indefinitely

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Walking, running, and riding your bike on Turkey Creek Trail hit a literal crack in the pavement.

Part of the trail is crumbling into the creek below- making it dangerous for anyone to go near certain areas.

"If somebody would have went through there not knowing what was there, they could have fallen, so the safety of the users of the trail, basically,” said Scott Shierk, a parks maintenance supervisor.

Shierk said the trail closed to keep pedestrians safe- and it's unknown when it can reopen.

"It's gonna take awhile because the engineers are gonna have to study it, and then we're not funded to do the repairs, and they can be quite expensive,” he explained.

When FOX 4 went to look at the damage- it was obvious that a portion of the trail needed some serious attention - as the ground was pulling away from the sidewalk and toward the creek below.

It's believed the pipes meant to direct water were either blocked by debris or overwhelmed by the water- so the water washed over the trail- causing the damage.

The one piece of good news is that the forecast calls for drier weather. The trail is only closed for a portion between Metcalf and Antioch.

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