“Me Before You” a winning weepie? “Ninja Turtles” shell shocked? “Popstar” in vogue? Popcorn Bag movie reviews!

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So, can the Mother of Dragons become the Queen of Weepies? "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke takes on the lead role in the four-hankie romantic drama "Me Before You" and her sparkling performance is the best thing about the emotionally manipulative big screen adaptation of the popular novel.


"Me Before You" is actually the best romantic movie in a long time. If you are thinking this is just another Nicholas Sparks wannabe, stop. There is some real emotional depth, the chemistry between the two leads is solid and the story has a bit of depth.


The likable stars help make this superficial romance between a rich paraplegic and his lower class caregiver more palatable. It sure is handy to have someone with loads of dough in these situations. "Me Before You" is a fantasy conceived in a Kleenex factory.


I actually thought the romantic element was genuine. And "Game of Thrones" Emalia Clarke is on her way to being a huge star. She reminds me a lot of a young Julia Roberts. Seriously. And Sam Claflin has Hugh Grant-like charm. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a good cry.

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The fun-loving, wisecracking and kung fu fighting turtles are back. Admittedly this is a movie that probably works best if you are a fan. It is an upgrade on the first in just every department except for Meagan Fox's acting. The cool part is the inclusion of some popular characters that were missing from the first movie and the big action set-pieces all set in New York are actually really exciting to watch even if the story is completely juvenile and slightly obnoxious.

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"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping" is nothing more than a series of SNL sketches but they are really good SNL sketches which makes this movie surprisingly funny and really fun to watch. Adam Sandberg and his two buddies who are the fictional group The Lonely Island are pop culture gurus and they ingeniously poke fun at today's culture and take it down with insightful slam after slam. And nothing is safe from their clever ridicule -- modern pop and rap music, social media and celebrity excess. Remember these are the guys responsible for that SNL skit that featured Justin Timberlake and a certain body part in a box. The movie is also over-populated with cameos but they are killer cameos so all is good. It's like playing a TMZ version of Where's Waldo if that makes sense? Well, "Popstar" does and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a few good laughs.

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