True Blue Royals fan shows her team pride with new prosthetic covered in club’s colors

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Winning in life often means overcoming limitations.

One True Blue Royals fan from the metro celebrates every victory, including those for the Kansas City Royals. She carries her baseball pride in the form of a prosthetic arm, decorated in Royals blue and white.

It's a meaningful touch that's meant to turn heartache into something heartfelt. Eight-year old Emily Roots was born without her left arm. Her newest prosthetic arm, made of fiberglass and metal, is covered in Royals logos.

"She came up with the idea for this. We let her pick out her own material. After she outgrew her old arm, she said, 'I want the Royals'," Kerri Roots said, describing her daughter.

"It helps me do very many things," Emily Roots said, while demonstrating the limb's ability to grab, touch and pull.

Prosthetic arms are nothing new to Emily. She was only two when she was fitted for her first "helper arm," as she refers to it. She received the newest arm, her fourth, two weeks ago.

The Roots Family has to replace the arm frequently as Emily gets taller. The new limb was made at Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis, which isn't exactly the heart of Royals territory. The Roots relayed stories of Cardinal fans teasing Emily about being a Royals fanatic.

"So I can cheer, instead of just saying 'let's go Royals!" Emily Roots said.

Now, Emily wants autographs on the new prosthesis. She watches the boys in blue on TV with her family, and says she dreams of having the Royals superstars sign the prosthetic arm.

"What other kid can say they're a Royals fan with autographs on it? That would be an absolutely amazing thing to have," Kerri Roots said.

Emily told FOX 4 News Royals first-baseman Eric Hosmer is her favorite Royal. She won't be satisfied until she has Hos sign the new arm -- and perhaps take her favorite team back to the World Series.

The Royals are preparing to meet the Cleveland Indians again Friday night. It's game two of a 10-game road trip, meaning the Royals won't be home again until June 13th.