Walmart to end price matching policy at 500 locations, including Raytown location

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Walmart is getting rid of in-store price matching, and the retailer is rolling out a different strategy to attract people to shop there.

Although Walmart has not released a full list of the stores that will stop price matching, FOX 4's Matt Stewart confirmed the store along 350-Highway in Raytown is one of 500 nationwide getting rid of in-store price matching.

Starting next Thursday, shoppers at that location will no longer be able to show the cashier a competitor’s ad and get them to match the price.

Instead, Walmart says they will roll back the prices on thousands of items in an attempt to show customers there is no longer a need to price match.

Walmart says the in-store price matching policy has been problematic at times. Some customers reportedly abused the policy by showing expired ads. Others allegedly would lie and force the cashier to either prove their claim was wrong or else give them a lower price.

Despite the policy change, shoppers can continue to use Walmart’s Savings Catcher, which an online tool that matches the price of something you bought against competitor’s prices. If someone else is selling it cheaper, they’ll give you a gift card for the difference.

Besides Walmart, Amazon also recently ended price matching on everything but TVs. While the online giant never had an official price matching policy, its service reps had permission to reimburse customers who found a cheaper price.